The needs of a Business Owner are often the most diverse. With responsibility for the entire project from budget, through design, to installation – having a partner through the entire process can make a huge difference. That’s where we come in.

  • Budgets – We are there from the beginning, providing budgetary figures to assist Owner’s in making knowledgeable decisions.
  • Certification –AWI, LEED, FSC, or Native American projects all present additional challenges. Our understanding of these challenges – and ability to address them – comes from years of experience on numerous projects.
  • Design Services – Because we don’t limit ourselves to a catalog, we are adept at providing custom designed solutions that reflect the vision of our clients.
  • Intelligent Design – Years of experience in the industry has provided us with great insight on designing products that are durable functional, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Value Engineering – We recognize there often are times when the need arises to balance the client’s budget with a project’s vision. Our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to make sizeable contributions in this area.
  • We Stand Behind Our Bids – Confidence that comes with our experience makes this possible. We’re not the company that gets the job with a low bid and then makes it up with change orders.
  • Pricing – Our approach to design and investment in technology allow us to provide custom solutions at prices typically found in other companies’ catalogs.
  • Professional Grade – Our products are designed, built and installed to the highest of quality standards and backed by warranty.
  • Peace of Mind – We are committed to giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are dealing with a company they can count on. Whether the project calls for pre-qualification, reviewed financials, bonding, or special insurance coverages – we are able to accommodate our client’s requests.
  • Clients – From small business owners to corporate facilities/construction managers we’ve earned the respect of them all. Click Here to see a list of our valued partners and what they have to say about us.